Trust Tracy: Episode 6 with Mariann

Mariann chats with Rayanne again, continuing the Trust Tracy series on the Beach Sounds Podcast. In episode 6, Mariann talks about her slogan and her commitment to excellent customer service. What does her slogan “Trust Tracy” really mean? Mariann breaks it down for the listener – “Trust Tracy” are not just words. Those who endorseContinue reading “Trust Tracy: Episode 6 with Mariann”

Trust Tracy: Episode 3 with Mariann Tracy

Mariann joined the Beach Sounds podcast for Episode 3 of the Trust Tracy series. Listen in as Mariann shares the top qualities and skills required to be a successful City Clerk in Laguna Beach. [9 min 22 sec] Watch for more episodes of the Trust Tracy series on the Beach Sounds podcast. Trust Tracy seriesContinue reading “Trust Tracy: Episode 3 with Mariann Tracy”

I’m Mariann Tracy.

I’m Mariann Tracy and I’m running for City Clerk in Laguna Beach, CA. #TrustTracy2020 After much urging by those for and with whom I work in the City of Laguna Beach, I have decided to run for City Clerk. Please follow my campaign and updates here, on Facebook and on Instagram, as well as Twitter.Continue reading “I’m Mariann Tracy.”

How to Find Me

It’s important that anyone who wants to find any information about me: Mariann Tracy – that you are able to find it! Here’s a list of the social media channels where you can discover more about the type of person and I am and how I care about my community. All my social profiles FacebookCampaign:Continue reading “How to Find Me”