I pride myself on my connection to Laguna Beach.
After 30+ years of being part of this community,
I understand our needs and wants.

I love sharing pictures with Laguna Beach Friends and Neighbors.

My Many Supporters

Over the years, I’ve been an active community member of Laguna Beach and proud City Employee. My husband and I have proudly raised two sons who graduated from Laguna Beach High School and also love this city. We are proud of our community involvement and the many friends we have made along the way, through our service and work.

I’m proud to be a resident of Laguna Beach and the work I have done for the city and community.
Laguna Beach – setting an example for social distancing and safety during the pandemic.
Laguna Beach Patriot’s Day 2020: when I announced my candidacy for City Clerk – so many supporters!
Ann Quilter supporting my Candidacy,
Patriot’s Day, 2020
Sande St. John – Patriot’s Day, 2020
OCCMA Luncheon with former LB City Hall Staff Ryan Hallett and Belinda Deines.

So proud of the work I have done for Laguna Beach over the years.

Laguna Beach Founder’s Day Parade, 2020
with Lisette Chel.
Volunteering with Lisette Chel, City Clerk of Laguna Beach, 2020
Celebrating the New Promenade at Forest Avenue
I enjoy connecting with our neighboring cities.
Orange County City Manager Association (OCCMA)
with San Juan Capistrano City Manager Ben Siegel
OCCMA event with then Assistant City Manager Christa Johnson, City Manager John Pietig and his wife, Peggy Pietig.
Also joining us: Leah Hall, Shohreh Dupuis, and Ryan Hallett.
One of the cherished Laguna Beach summer events: Concert in the Park at Bluebird Canyon Park
laguna Beach sends off two locals to Rio for the Olympics!
Always supporting our amazing athletes: congrats to Laguna Local and Rio 2016 Gold Medal, Water Polo
I love my Co-Workers at Laguna Beach City Hall!
More celebrating with my LB City Hall Co-Workers.
Race for the Cure.
Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and its Survivors!
COVID 19 has presented its own set of challenges in 2020.
Laguna Beach has met the call for community awareness.
Celebrating the opening of the New Promenade on Forest with City Co-Workers.
Laguna Beach keeps answering the call!
Even friends from the past support my efforts; Say Hello to Paul Bennett – now in Minnesota! #TrustTracy
Laguna Beach sends BIG Thanks to our First Responders.

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