Out & About

Mariann Tracy –
the City Clerk candidate of choice
for Laguna Beach

Watch Mariann’s EVENTS to know where you might next see her around Laguna Beach. She’s happy to share her ideas and answer any questions anyone might have about her campaign.

Thanks, Mariann for sharing your love of the city, as a 30+ year resident and how important you know this job is!


On the Laguna Beach boardwalk –
Never too young to say
Mariann Tracy for City Clerk
Main Beach
Trust Tracy!
Brooks Street
Mariann Tracy meets with her Laguna neighbors to share her message – you can trust her!
It’s important for Laguna Beach to know why so many endorse and trust Mariann Tracy.
She is the Candidate of Choice for City Clerk of Laguna Beach
Thanks Laguna Beach for supporting our First Responders.
Mariann is tireless in her efforts to meet the residents of Laguna Beach
MARIANN TRACY – Endorsed & Supported by current City Clerk, Lisette Chel-Walker
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