More about Mariann Tracy

I’m asking for your vote to become the next City Clerk for the City of Laguna Beach.

First, I am a devoted wife to Richard and a mother to two sons, raised right here in Laguna Beach. For years, I enjoyed volunteering for the El Morro and Thurston PTAs, as well as the High School Baseball and Football Boosters.

I fell in love with this City as a teenager, never dreaming I would have the opportunity to live here – now for over three decades – and to have the privilege to serve the community and residents of Laguna Beach, as well.

As City Clerk, I will use my voice to advocate for new technology to effectively ease community access to City information. I am currently working with City Management on implementing an innovative new software to improve speed, public access, and transparency.

I also ensure the residents continue to receive excellent customer service – something you have come to expect from the Laguna Beach City Clerk office.

I am passionate that the this role remain independent, to better serve the public. As the liaison between you, City Management, and City Council-members, I will preserve a City Clerk office that continues to provide transparent, objective, and unbiased service.

The City Clerk is entrusted with the responsibility to record the decisions of City leaders – the building blocks of a representative local government. As City Clerk, I will work to earn and keep that trust.

The City Clerk must have the education, training, and knowledge to administer state and local laws. I am the only City Clerk Candidate who has been working over the last year to earn a Municipal Clerk Certification, which I will soon secure. I’m also the only candidate currently serving this community through my work for the City of Laguna Beach – a privilege I’ve held for seven years. Given I work at City Hall, I have trained with current City Clerk Lisette Chel-Walker, reviewing current software, trends, and procedures.

On the day I am elected, I will be very comfortable taking over City Clerk responsibilities.

I am humbled and honored to have endorsements from current City Clerk Lisette Chel-Walker, Mayor Bob Whalen, Council-members Sue Kempf, Steve Dicterow, and former Mayors Kelly Boyd and Elizabeth Pearson.

Integrity, innovation, accessibility, and experience are some of the strengths I will bring to the Office of City Clerk – dedicated to serving YOU, the residents of Laguna Beach.

This is my commitment, and I respectfully ask:
Vote Mariann Tracy for Laguna Beach City Clerk on November 3.

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