I’m Mariann Tracy.

Mariann Tracy for City Clerk

I’m Mariann Tracy and I’m running for City Clerk in Laguna Beach, CA. #TrustTracy2020

After much urging by those for and with whom I work in the City of Laguna Beach, I have decided to run for City Clerk. Please follow my campaign and updates here, on Facebook and on Instagram, as well as Twitter.

I’m dedicated to this city and excited for the continued opportunity to serve.

Why run for City?

  • Because it’s the right time for me to run for office
  • Because I have the experience and support necessary to be a successful City Clerk
  • Because I love this city

We are at critical time in our country where true leadership is valued and needed. I am trusted by my family and friends. I am trusted by those with whom I have worked in this city for many years. I am trusted by those who support my run. Join in our circle of trust.

If you’d like to donate to and support my campaign, you can do so here:

Donate to Mariann Tracy's campaign at paypal.me/trusttracy2020

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