Anti-Racism Proclamation

9 JUNE 2020 Solidarity Proclamation from City Council of Laguna Beach, CA


WHEREAS, Laguna Beach residents speak out and take action when we see injustice, and today is no exception; and

WHEREAS, our community has been shocked by the inexcusable treatment of Mr. George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota that led to his death; and

WHEREAS, the Laguna Beach Police Department operates under a set of values and policies that prioritize public safety and community policing efforts and our Police Chief and officers have strongly condemned the actions of the Minneapolis police officers who took the life of Mr. Floyd and we join in these views, and

WHEREAS, we share in the grief, anger and call to action that Mr. Floyd’s senseless death has sparked; and

WHEREAS, the anguish, suffering and pain caused by racism, injustice and hate are reverberating throughout our country, including within our community; and

WHEREAS, Laguna Beach is blessed to be a diverse, inclusive, welcoming and supportive community, and we have learned and continue to appreciate that mutual understanding and respect develops a much healthier, safer and caring community; and

WHEREAS, we are committed to promoting the equal protection of constitutional and human rights for all and the fair and equal treatment of everyone; and

WHEREAS, we stand in support of the African American members of our community and nation, all people of color in our community and nation, and all those who have been marginalized and disenfranchised, and we do so with the entire Laguna Beach community; and

WHEREAS, we support everyone’s right to free speech and peaceful assembly, and

WHEREAS, we support peaceful protests in Laguna Beach that can serve as a critical tool for public awareness and education, and we simultaneously condemn violence, vandalism, riots and other thoughtless unlawful activity; and

WHEREAS, we intend to engage the community in open dialogue about our intolerance of racism, discrimination, injustice and hate and to examine the ways in which the City of Laguna Beach and our community could do more to promote the fair and equal treatment of all persons residing in and visiting our community;

            NOW, THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Laguna Beach, California, does hereby PROCLAIM that:

We stand in solidarity with those protesting peacefully against racism, discrimination, injustice and hate;

We condemn racism, discrimination, injustice, hate and violence;

We support equality, freedom and the rights provided to all of us in the First Amendment;

We support inclusion, diversity, equal opportunity and the right of all individuals to seek and achieve his or her full potential without discrimination; and

We commit to examine our current practices and look for ways in which the City of Laguna Beach and our community can lead by example and do more to promote the fair and equal treatment of and respect for all persons residing in and visiting our community.

Dated this 9th day of June 2020.

                        Bob Whalen, Mayor

                        Steve Dicterow, Mayor Pro Tem

                        Peter Blake, Councilmember

                        Toni Iseman, Councilmember

                        Sue Kempf, Councilmember

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